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Agricultural and Applied Economics

Applied economics takes conclusions from economic theories and empirical studies and applies them to real-world situations to predict outcomes and inform economic decisions. The field of agricultural and applied economics uses economic principles to allocate resources and solve problems in the agricultural sector in areas such as food systems and crop and animal production.

The graduate certificate in Agricultural and Applied Economics will teach students how to use economic methods in agricultural businesses to manage risk and solve problems.

  • Students will learn to assess the impact of micro- and macro-economic influences on business decisions. 
  • Students will gain an understanding of how to manage agricultural production risks due to weather variability (microeconomics) and how to use Gross Domestic Product (GDP) forecasts and market analyses to determine future dairy prices (macroeconomics). 
  • Students will learn to analyze economic trends to solve agricultural and resource problems such as the impact of inflation on food production costs and consumer spending. 

Program features

  • 100 percent online and asynchronous
  • Four 3-credit graduate courses
  • Access to expert faculty
  • Certificate stacks to the degree
  • Time to complete: In most cases four semesters. 

CIP code: 01.0103