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Virginia Tech's 100% online graduate certificate in Information Technology Management is offered by the online Master of Information Technology program (VT-MIT). This three-course certificate can be earned as a stand-alone credential or as part of the full degree program.


The Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management is designed to teach students to create and maintain the technology to support computer-based decision support systems within an organization. Computer-based decision support systems (DSS) are computers that combine storage, search, and retrieval capabilities with algorithms specifically designed to meet a business need. For example, a geographic computer-based DSS could combine land-use data, roadway/travel data, and regional tax information to support the decision for a new bank location. Students will learn how to program, use, and maintain the computer programs used to support organizational leadership in decision making in a technology-driven organization (i.e., technology is the basis of the business' competitive advantage). Students will also learn how to maintain the technology needed to use the internet as a platform to conduct business transactions (e.g., electronic payment systems, security and firewalls). Graduates will be prepared to design, use, and maintain the technology needed for computer-based decision support operations in an organization.


The curriculum requires coursework to teach students to create and maintain the technology needed for computer programs to produce reports that help organizations make decisions (i.e., computer-based decision support systems). The coursework covers supporting web-based business transactions (e.g., electronic data exchange, international implications). Students will learn how to support the technology needs of an organizational leadership team. Students will gain an understanding of how to create, operate, and maintain the technology necessary for computer-based decision support systems.


9 credit hours of graduate level courses:

  • BIT 5474: Computer-Based Decision Support Systems (3 credits)
  • BIT 5594: Web Applications and Electronic Commerce (3 credits)
  • MGT 5804: Strategic Leadership in Technology-based Organizations (3 credits)


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(CIP 52.1206)

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Information Technology Management

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