Information Technology Management

The certificate in Information Technology Management prepares students to become information technology leaders and to be able to craft corporate and business strategies where technology provides the basis for an organization’s competitive advantage. Students will have an introduction to design methodologies in information systems and databases. Structured systems analysis and design methodologies as well as topics related to different database models and their implementation will be covered. An overview of the use of business intelligence and analytics technologies in rich organizations will be given and their strategic use including defining/framing the business context for decisions, a survey of the different types of decision models, data issues, business intelligence, building analytics capability, making organizations smarter, and measuring the value of analytics. Students will also learn about the characteristics, use, and development of decision support systems (DSS) within the context of other business information systems and the process of designing and implementing decision support systems in business is examined from both theoretical and practical standpoints.

(CIP 52.1206)