Agricultural and Life Sciences

The online Master of Agricultural and Life Sciences(OMALS) program provides broad, scientific-based coursework for a variety of professionals in food, agricultural, environmental, and human sciences. Upon successful completion of the 100% online program, students will earn a Master of Science of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The OMALS program requires 24-credit hours of coursework and 6-credit hours of a final project and report. The OMALS program can usually be completed by most students in three years.

This program is intended for professionals who would like to pursue an advanced degree with the flexibility of completing it on their own terms and schedule. The program provides six career-relevant areas of concentration:

  • Applied Nutrition and Health Sciences
  • Education
  • Environmental Science
  • Food Safety and Biosecurity
  • Leadership Studies
  • Plant Science and Pest Management

The wide scope of the program helps students cater their plan of study to what they need both professionally and personally and allows them to get the most out of their advanced degree.

Graduates of the OMALS program become leaders in their professions and will exit the program with broad scientific-based knowledge from their coursework and leadership and analytical skills gained during their final project and report. Graduates can benefit from professional advancement in their current career or the newly acquired ability to change careers. The program is an option for professionals who have just entered, or are about to enter, the workforce and would like to obtain additional skills to be more competitive in their field.

The OMALS program accepts students on a year-round basis with the following application deadlines:


  • Fall - July 15
  • Spring - December 15
  • Summer I - April 15
  • Summer II - May 15

    Please contact or visit the program website for more information.