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Certificate students must complete an application form for the certificate when they enroll. The application form is similar to a POS listing the CSEC courses to be taken and is signed by the CS/ECE department program director who administers the CSEC program. Then they must submit a separate 'application for conferral of degree' form for the certificate by the deadline for the semester in which they are planning to finish. Grad School staff will check the transcript against the courses on the approved application.

Students who are completing a degree and a certificate at the same time must submit 2 "application for conferral of degree" forms, one for the degree and one for the certificate. If they submit both forms at the same time, they pay only one graduation fee. Certificate recipients are listed in a special section of the Commencement Bulletin and recognized as a special group during the commencement ceremony.

Graduate Certificates appear on the transcript but not on the diploma. Students receive a separate Certificate, similar to a diploma at the same time as their diploma if they are degree students or at the time of the next commencement if they are Commonwealth Campus students.

(CIP 11.1003)

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