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Virginia Tech's 100% online graduate certificate in Cybersecurity Technologies is offered by the online Master of Information Technology program (VT-MIT). This three-course certificate can be earned as a stand-alone credential or as part of the full degree program.


The Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Technologies is designed to teach students about the technology necessary to collect and assess threat data to protect computers, networks, and organizational information from external intrusion. Cybersecurity technologies include techniques and tools such as digital logic (e.g., software to identify abnormal file movements, bioprinting), smart grid technologies (e.g., encryption gateways), and system application hardening (i.e., reduces vulnerability of computer data by removing redundant or unnecessary account functions, access, ports). Students will learn how to assess and protect computer systems with data elements (e.g., data that includes personal information stored on a cloud) that are vulnerable to a threat. Graduates will be prepared to complete risk analyses of computer systems, identify vulnerabilities/intrusions, and use protective and/or countermeasure technologies to defend organizational data from cybersecurity threats.


The curriculum requires coursework to teach students how to assess and protect computer systems. Students will learn about intrusion detection techniques (e.g., firewalls, notifications systems). Courses will provide students with an understanding of the tools and skills of cyber­threat assessment (e.g., intrusion detection systems, computer forensics) and response (e.g., data encryption). Students will learn how to perform risk analyses on computer systems, identify potential/actual cybersecurity threats, and use protective technologies to safeguard against data breaches.


9 credit hours of graduate level courses:

  • ECE 5484: Fundamentals of Computer Systems (3 credits)
  • ECE 5585: Information Security & Trust I (3 credits)


  • ECE 5586: Information Security & Trust II (3 credits) OR
  • ECE 5480: Cybersecurity: Internet of Things (3 credits)


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(CIP 43.0401)

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Cybersecurity Technologies

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Parviz Ghandforoush