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Nuclear Engineering

The primary purposes of the Nuclear Engineering Certificate are to (1) provide a purposeful, cohesive set of technical electives in nuclear engineering; and (2) facilitate networking among faculty, students, and employers in nuclear engineering applications. The certificate is useful in transitioning from a non-nuclear engineering-related job to a nuclear engineering-related job. The Nuclear Engineering Certificate will also make those who do not have a nuclear engineering degree more competitive in applying for engineering positions in the nuclear industry. The certificate provides a solid foundation in nuclear reactor physics, with additional specialization in reactor physics, nuclear fuel cycle, radiation measurements, reactor thermal hydraulics, nuclear materials, or nuclear power plant operations. The certificate requires completion of 9 credit hours of graduate course work.

Any student who has a BS degree in an engineering or science program can enroll in this Certificate Program. A student is awarded a Certificate after completing four courses with a grade B or better.

(CIP 14.2301)

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Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Mark Pierson