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Virginia Tech's 100% online graduate certificate in Internet and Network Technologies is offered by the online Master of Information Technology program (VT-MIT). This three-course certificate can be earned as a stand-alone credential or as part of the full degree program.


The Graduate Certificate in Internet and Network Technologies is designed to teach students how to set up, support, and maintain computer networks that connect computers locally and through the internet. Computer networks are computers, servers, mainframes, and digital devices connected together for the purpose of sharing information. Students will learn how to design and manage locally-connected computer networks (e.g., computers in one building) and wide area networks (e.g., computers not in the same geographic area). Students will also learn how to manage computer networks that are connected to the internet via wired and wireless pathways. Graduates will be able to design, operate, and maintain wired and wireless computer networks.


The curriculum requires coursework to develop student knowledge of network and internet protocols needed to set up and maintain computer networks. Students will gain an understanding of how computers communicate information across wired and wireless systems. Students will learn how to set up computer networks so that the computers can send and receive information within a local network and across the internet.


9 credit hours of graduate level courses:

  • ECE 5480: Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (3 credits)
  • ECE 5484: Fundamentals of Computer Systems (3 credits)
  • ECE 5485: Networks and Protocols (3 credits)


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(CIP 11.0901)

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Internet and Network Technologies

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Parviz Ghandforoush