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Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

The Master of Arts in Foreign Languages, Cultures & Literatures is designed to meet the needs of students seeking academic and other professional careers in contexts that require intercultural competency as well as a specialized knowledge of Spanish and/or French.

The program serves the interests of students seeking an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Coursework includes areas such as literature, cultural studies, cinema, visual culture, translation, linguistics and business.

There are three options within the master's program:

The degree programs may be completed at the Blacksburg campus, or online through the virtual campus.

The Blacksburg campus offers students the full services of the university, including an extensive library, technology support, and the Graduate Life Center. Virtual campus students likewise enjoy library access, electronically and by mail, and technical support.

Online students are expected to attend classes in real time over the internet using a webcam and software available for download from the university. Most MA courses are offered in the late afternoon or evening (Eastern time).

(CIP 16.0101)

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Foreign Languages, Cultures, and Literatures

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Pam Saville